The Spanner Roll


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The perfect partner to our Shoulder Bag or Lockable Bag. Keeps spanners and ratchets in order of size. Brilliant for protecting and organising your most important tools. Heavy duty for any trade or industry. 4x4 enthusiasts love them, too. Find what you need when you need it!

Made with the best:

  • Fire-retardant materials
  • Rip/tear-resistant
  • UV protection incl. high-strength stitching
  • Orange for high visibility

Giving you fast access & visibility:

  • Tool slots range from 3cm to 6cm
  • Spanner slots (12)
  • Fold down top-flap to keep your spanners secure


Size matters, but it has to work. Here are the facts:

  • Internal storage area (mm): 530W x 330H x 1.9mm Thick
  • Velcro strap (mm): 25W x 250 Long