Zoom In Business: Built for Tuff Stuff

Zoom In Business: Built for Tuff Stuff

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Some people think that to get the best of anything, you have to pay a lot – but not for Tony and Susan Nankervis who are the driving force behind the successful Tuff Tool Bags brand

After years as an Electrician, Tony developed an easier way than lugging around a heavy toolbox or doubling back and forward to the truck for tools he needed for a job.

Even in the harshest working environment, the Tuff Tool Bag durability and reliability are second to none.

The Tuff Tool Bag features:

  • Fire Retardant Construction
  • UV Treated
  • Rip/Tear Resistant Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap
  • Double Velcro Lids on all Pockets
  • Double Reinforced Base and Ends
  • Straps and Plastic Clip Buckles on Lid
  • and more... 

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