What Electrical Tools Need Test and Tagging?

Test and tagging is an important safety feature when it comes to anything electrical, and if done often enough can avoid a lot of future problems.

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Test and tagging is an important safety feature when it comes to anything electrical, and if done often enough can avoid a lot of future problems.

What is Test and Tagging?

Test and tagging, an essential procedure for maintaining safety standards, involves the thorough examination and evaluation of portable appliances and tools to verify their optimal functioning. It is of utmost importance that this process is conducted regularly, ideally every three months. During this assessment, each individual tool or appliance undergoes a series of tests and is subsequently labelled with a tag indicating its current status. The tag prominently displays crucial information such as the identity of the individual who conducted the test, the date of testing, and the anticipated date for the next inspection.

The first step entails a meticulous inspection of the tools to identify any visible signs of damage. This includes not only obvious impairments but also illegal modifications, as well as damaged plugs and cords. Subsequently, in the second step, a portable appliance tester is employed to conduct further testing of the tools or appliances.

Once the inspection and testing processes are satisfactorily completed, the tools or appliances are appropriately tagged. This tagging procedure aims to ensure the safety of all individuals present in the workplace who may come into contact with these appliances or tools, while concurrently minimising the risk of potential electrical hazards. By adhering to this test and tagging protocol, workplaces can effectively prioritise the well-being of their personnel and uphold a secure working environment.

What Electrical Tools Need Test and Tagging?

Industries such as construction, demolition, and mining are obligated to undergo test and tagging for their appliances every three months. However, the frequency of this process can vary depending on the specific environment in which the appliance is used. In essence, any device that possesses a flexible cable, a detachable plug, and operates at a voltage exceeding 50V requires test and tagging. This category encompasses extension leads, cord sets, and portable RCDs. It is worth noting that test and tagging should not be limited to appliances alone, as tools equipped with cables or removable plugs also face potential risks and should be included in the testing process.

Electrical appliances can generally be classified into two categories:

  • Class I - These are earthed appliances, such as kettles, irons, and toasters.
  • Class II - These are double-insulated appliances, often identified by a symbol (a square within a square) or the words “Double Insulated.” Examples of Class II appliances include electric drills and hair dryers.

New equipment does not necessarily require testing; instead, a visual inspection and tagging would suffice to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Who Can Perform Test and Tagging Services?

While being an electrician is not a prerequisite for performing tag and test services, it is essential to have undergone a tag and test course. This specialised training equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently operate a Portable Appliance Tester (PAT tester).

By undergoing comprehensive test and tagging procedures, organisations can ensure the safety of their personnel and maintain a secure working environment while upholding compliance with electrical safety regulations. Remember, safety should always be a top priority when it comes to electrical tools and appliances.

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